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A Heated Experience

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Decided to document my 1st courtside experience with the Miami Heat

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I got to experience my first Heat game in the lower bowl and I wanted to document it all for you along with observations from the game itself. Ok so before I begin, who am I? Well I'm this guy:

As a fan I would get tickets from Stubhub and whatever game I could go to I'd just go. Many times I would see the fans in the lower bowl (the ones who had a few more 0's in their salary compared to me) flaunt their money around and barely pay attention to the game. These people were usually older and walking around with their significant others who also happened to be significantly younger. When Lebron was here the national media bashed the home base and said we were a team full of fans who arrive late and leave early. Fans who use Heat games as appetizers for the evening ahead. No matter how many "real" fans were screaming their head off from the upper bowl, the lower bowl would continue to be the image of "The Miami Heat crowd." I gazed at these people from a distance with jealousy but also wondered how it would be if I got their spot for a game. I wanted to see what I had access to and if I would be treated differently. I wasn't going to be able to all of a sudden afford lower bowl seats, so I had to be lucky. That luck happened last night. Here's how:

All started December 3 vs the Hawks. Me and a friend were up at the 400's because that's what $8 tickets do for you.

Adrienne Bosh (Yes that's Mrs. Bosh) tweeted this out

Then RT'd me

Guess what happened last night? I was in the lower bowl of the Heat Jazz game. Not just a lower bowl I was a few rows behind the Heat bench!

Here's what I noticed as a Heat fan.

1) A lot of people who used to be in the Upper Bowl from 2010-2013 are now in the lower bowl. Which is great because you actually have people who stay till the end of games. The problem is..national media doesn't care to notice because a certain somebody no longer here.

2) There are a handful of people that pay for things with $100 bills for everything. So that whole flaunting money thing? nailed it.

3) The game moves faster than it does on TV because how close you are. You also became so attached to the game you tend to forget to look at the score from time to time.

4) Dwyane Wade scored 42 points. He's nearly 42 years old. He shouldn't be doing that but he did and I witnessed it.

5) The DJ is entertaining. if you manage to entertain an entire arena despite having a record under .500 then you're talented at what you do.

6) Gordon Hayward's shot is ridiculously pure. Still not worth Joe Johnson type money he is getting but a great sight to see never the less.

7) Being that close behind the bench gave me access to see and hear things. Like Wade angrily telling teamates "we have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves."  Shabazz Napiers look of frustration on his face for his rookie mistakes. I also noticed Coaching when it's not coming from Spoelstra. Example of this was Wade on the court coaching James Ennis because of his potential, Chris Bosh telling Birdman how to expose a mismatch and Udonis Haslem coaching 4 guys on the floor on where to go defensively.

8) Chris and Dwyane talk a lot. Like almost every time out theres a conversation between these two. Probably about the game but it made me wonder are they silently frustrated because the talent level on this team being such a drastic drop off from years prior?

The Heat ended up losing to the Jazz 105-87 last night. Every time the Heat would make a run, the Jazz would run away. I sensed frustration among the arena but I was surprised it was unified in both the lower and upper bowl. At the same time there was this sense of hope throughout the entire arene that the struggle now is temporary. Until Bosh comes back and lasting only till 2016 when Pat Riley attempts to do 2010 over again. Once the game was over, Adrienne Bosh had a suprise for us.

I got the opportunity to meet Chris Bosh. Even though he only chatted for less than 30 seconds, he said he loved Indians (I'm Indian..yay!) and hopes to be back soon.

Thank you to everyone who made this experience for me as a lower bowl fan something I won't forget. There are a lot of people from the 300-400 levels that stay till the end. These fans have the opportunity to get better seats because of Adrienne Bosh, the same way I did. What I saw last night was regardless of the outcome or the view, #HeatNation is stronger than ever. - Binoj