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Five Stars (10 Stars)

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Today, we recap Miami's back-to-back. One win, one loss, 10 heroes (some overlap).

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Using the GameScore metric at, it's possible to rank who performed the best in each NBA game this season.

GAME ONE: Miami 86, New York 79

First Star

Carmelo Anthony (NYK) 21.9

The perennial all-star forward for the Knicks led all players with 41:14 on the floor and with an NBA nightly high of 31 points. He scored them on an 11-for-26 performance, making only one of his six three-point shots. He also sank eight-of-10 from the stripe, with eight rebounds (three offensive), two assists, a steal and a block. He completed his evening with a plus-1 rating (one of three on the Knicks, along with Tim Hardaway's plus-10 and Travis Ware's plus-6), no turnovers and three personal fouls.

If I can go, I can go. That was my mindset. If I feel like I can play, I am going to give it a shot. - Anthony, after sitting out two games with back spasms.

Second Star

Amar'e Stoudamire (NYK) 16.7

Stoudamire came off the bench for 36:44, playing more than all other Knick players besides Anthony. He scored 19 points on seven-of-13 shooting and missed his only three pointer. He drained five-of-eight foul shots, with 12 rebounds (seven offensive), an assist, and a blocked shot. He turned the ball over once, earned four personal fouls, and finished at minus-3.

At this point I think we just got to look ourselves in the mirror and see if we're putting forth the effort that we need to win. We got to take it upon ourselves to see if we're getting ourselves prepared for the game or having the right mentality to play a game at a high level. - Stoudamire

Third Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 16.4

Wade started out pretty average, then HEATed up in the second half, draining nine-of-11 shots. He scored a total of 27 on 11-of-18 shooting overall, missing his only three pointers and making five-of-nine foul shots. He had five assists and collected five rebounds. He was only called for one foul, but made a game-high seven turnovers and finished the night with a plus-6 rating.

I played 32 minutes, but it felt a lot more like 50. It took a while. Early on I was just trying to make plays for my teammates. - Wade, describing his fatigue after having sat the prior seven games with a sore hamstring.

Fourth Star

Chris Bosh (MIA) 12.7

Bosh played 33:12 on the night, scoring 20 points on seven-of-18 shooting. He made only two of his six three-point attempts, and four-of-six from the foul line. He added nine defensive rebounds, two assists, a steal and a plus-3 rating. He also turned the ball over once and committed two fouls.

When the situation gets a little tense, a little tight, we need a shot and we run plays that we normally get good looks off of and it was just about having your feet set and shooting with confidence. - Bosh

Fifth Star

Josh McRoberts (MIA) 8.5

Both Luol Deng and McRoberts finished with a game score of 8.5, but I game the tiebreaker to Josh because I was stoked to see him have his best game of the season. He only scored seven points and missed all three of his two point shot attempts, but he made both of his shots from outside, and added one-of-two from the line. He finished with a team-high plus-8 rating, grabbed three rebounds, dished out four assists, collected one steal and made one block. He was whistled for two fouls and did not turn the ball over in his 25:29 off the bench.

The Rest

Luol Deng (MIA) 8.5
Jose Calderon (NYK) 6.9
James Ennis (MIA) 5.7
Shawne Williams (MIA) 4.5
Quincy Acy (NYK) 3.3
Samuel Dalembert (NYK) 3.3
Udonis Haslem (MIA) 3.2
Norris Cole (MIA) 2.8
Shane Larkin (NYK) 1.5
Travis Wear (NYK) 1.0
Shabazz Napier (MIA) -0.1
Jason Smith (NYK) -0.4
Pablo Prigioni (NYK) -0.7
Iman Shumpert (NYK) -1.5
Tim Hardaway (NYK) -1.7
Mario Chalmers (MIA) -2.4
JR Smith (NYK) -2.8

GAME TWO: Wizards 107, Heat 86

First Star

John Wall (WAS) 23.9

Wall played 31:37 on the night for the Wizards, with 18 points on six-of-10 shooting. He made half of his four three-point shot attempts and four-of-five from the charity stripe. He would add an NBA nightly high 13 assists, five defensive rebounds, two steals, a block, and a plus-11 rating. He only turned the ball over twice and was whistled once.

Well, Paul had a joke at halftime. He said: "Let me get a rest. Let's get it to like 25, so I can take a break. - Wall

Second Star

Rasual Butler (WAS) 16.2

Butler led all Wizards in floor time, despite coming off the bench. He scored a game-high 23 points in 32:42 on eight-of-14 shooting, making three-of-five three-pointers and four-of-five free throws. He collected three rebounds, dished out three assists and finished the night with a game high plus-22 rating. He turned the ball over twice and committed two personal fouls on the night.

We did a good job of staying home and getting a hand in their face. They missed some, too. It wasn't all us. They had some pretty good looks they missed. - Wizards coach Randy Wittman on the Heat's two-for-22 performance from outside.

Third Star

Chris Bosh (MIA) 15.1

Bosh scored 21 points in a team high 33:27 on the night, making nine-of-14 from the field and just one-of-three from deep. He made two-of-five foul shots and grabbed eight rebounds, distributing three assists and rejecting two shots (the only Miami player to register even one). He finished the night at minus-12, turned the ball over four times, and was called for a single foul.

Whether it's the schemes, whether it's 1-on-1, they picked us apart. - Bosh

Fourth Star

Marcin Gortat (WAS) 14.4

Gortat played 26:57, scoring 15 points while collecting Washington's second double double with 10 rebounds. He shot six-of-nine from the floor and three-of-four from the line, with two blocked shots and an assist. He turned the ball over once and was whistled for two fouls, finishing at plus-13.

Fifth Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 12.4

Wade rounds out our top five with 27:34 of floor time. He scored 20 for his sixth straight appearance on nine-of-13 shooting. Like Bosh, he missed three of his five foul shots, posting a minus-9 on the evening. He would also collect three rebounds and one steal, turning the ball over twice with two fouls.

I don't think we've gotten to the defense we've wanted all year. We're still fairly new; a lot of the guys are still confused at what we're trying to do.

The Rest

Drew Gooden (WAS) 10.6
Josh McRoberts (MIA) 10.6
Otto Porter (WAS) 8.7
Andre Miller (WAS) 7.1
Kris Humphries (WAS) 6.5
Norris Cole (MIA) 6.2
Luol Deng (MIA) 5.0
Kevin Seraphin (WAS) 4.1
Mario Chalmers (MIA) 3.7
Bradley Beal (WAS) 2.7
James Ennis (MIA) 0.2
Justin Hamilton (MIA) 0.2
Garrett Temple (WAS) 0.0
DeJuan Blair (WAS) -0.2
Paul Pierce (WAS) -0.2
Hassan Whiteside (MIA) -0.5
Shawne Williams (MIA) -0.6
Udonis Haslem (MIA) -1.2