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ParkJockey: New way to park @ Heat games

Ever late to a Heat game because you can't find a place to park? ParkJockey has partnered with the Miami Heat to offer a new and fast way to get a parking spot for Heat games.

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We've all been there, right? Getting stuck in crazy Miami traffic, getting to the vicinity of the AmericanAirlines Arena only to have trouble finding a parking spot...and now you are late to the game.

Well now there is an EASY solution for you to help you find that parking spot, and we wanted to pass it along to you to help you out! We're pretty nice, right?

It's called ParkJockey.

ParkJockey is ​a free mobile app that let's you easily find and reserve parking, in advance or on-the-go on your phone or online.

As an official partner this season of the Miami Heat, ParkJockey offers reserved parking in multiple parking lots surrounding the AmericanAirlines Arena. ParkJockey also offers valet and P2 parking on the Arena property for select Heat games and Arena events.

Starting this week, and at the remaining Heat games in December, ParkJockey will be onsite and surprising Heat fans with tickets for future games! At Wednesday's game, two fans were the first to be "ticketed" when they returned to their car at one of the nearby Arena's lots. Much to their surprise and relief, it was a pair of tickets to the next Miami Heat home game, not a parking ticket!

Download ParkJockey on the App store or Google play.

Here's the official Press Release:

Free Parking App to Offer Easier Parking for HEAT Fans and  AmericanAirlines Arena Guests

MIAMI, FL (Thursday, October 23, 2014) ­ParkJockey, the much-beloved mobile app and website that helps users easily find and book parking- in advance and on-the-go, has announced today that they are the official partners with the Miami HEAT and AmericanAirlines Arena to help fans score parking before games and events. Guests will now have the ease of booking their parking in advance at select lots around the arena.

As the official partner of both the Miami HEAT and AmericanAirlines Arena, ParkJockey- the fast-growing startup with similar affiliations among several international companies- alleviates all parking concerns for HEAT fans and event-goers. Rather than scrambling and stressing over getting a spot in time, ParkJockey users can relax and focus on the fun that awaits them within the arena.

By using ParkJockey¹s smooth, simple interface, HEAT fans and event-goers can know where they're parking before they leave the house, be in their seats by tipoff, and not miss a minute of the action. User-friendly ParkJockey routes users to the best place to park, without either the frustration of circling lots over and over again, or the inconvenience of hidden or monthly fees.

With our growth in Miami, and a team full of HEAT fans, we saw a surefire opportunity to show our support,² said Scott Rosen, General Manager for ParkJockey Miami. ³Now that we are the official partners of the HEAT and AmericanAirlines Arena, guests can get to the game or event with the biggest burden off their shoulders. ParkJockey is HEAT nation!²

Basketball fans can start booking their parking spot for upcoming HEAT games and similar AmericanAirlines Arena hosted events through official partner ParkJockey¹s mobile app, website: HERE or by visiting the Arena¹s website: HERE

About ParkJockey: ParkJockey is a free mobile application, website and parking rewards program that helps users easily find and reserve parking, in advance or on-the-go. Available in several cities in the US and across the UK, ParkJockey takes the stress of parking out of drivers¹ lives. For more information, visit