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Stein: Miami Heat "joining race" for Josh Smith

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Josh Smith was waived by the Detroit Pistons on Monday afternoon. While not many teams wanted him, when his contract is shed, many do. One of them is the Miami Heat.

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Josh Smith was waived by the Detroit Pistons, canceling out the $27 million he was due. Well, they still have to pay him. But he won't be playing for the Detroit Pistons. Detroit will continue to pay the $13+ million on his salary this year, and then spread the remaining of his contract out over their salary cap for the years to come.

The Pistons couldn't trade Josh Smith without giving up a first round pick in return, that's how bad he was living up to his contract. So they decided to just go in another direction. And now, there's plenty of teams that would like to get their hands of the talented forward.

Sacramento, Dallas, Houston are among some of the favorites. But, ESPN's Marc Stein gave us this today to brighten your week.

Yes, the Miami Heat who have an opening at power forward after the likely season ending injury to Josh McRoberts could be in the race. The Heat may not be able to offer big money, but they could offer playing time, even in the starting lineup.

Like I said earlier, Smith may not care much about money since he will still be getting paid by the Pistons, so maybe playing time is of the importance to him. Or maybe it is winning, which then Houston and Dallas offer a much brighter short term future for the forward.

Heat fans have been on both sides in reaction. Yes, Smith would fill a void, and offer some versatility at the position. But, he has comes with a price, and that would be taking in the long jumpers and bone-headed plays you often see Josh Smith do.

Is the risk worth it? That's up for us to decide right now. So leave your comments below and let us know what you think. Yes to Josh Smith or No to Josh Smith.

HHH will continue to cover and give you some more angles.