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Heat apply for Disabled Player Exception as Josh McRoberts has season ending surgery

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Josh McRoberts had surgery to repair his meniscus and that will end his season. The Heat applied for the DPE to help replace McRobert's spot.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat announced today that forward Josh McRoberts underwent successful surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. The 45-minute procedure was performed by Dr. Harlan Selesnick at Doctors Hospital in Miami on Monday. He will miss the remainder of the season.

Upon that, the Heat officially applied to the NBA for the Disabled Player Exception (DPE). If approved, and likely, the Heat would be granted an addition $2.65 million to replace McRoberts. Whether that improves their chances of landing new free agent Josh Smith is still to be seen.

The Houston Rockets remain the favorite to land Josh Smith, but the Heat are interested and can offer more money and possibility playing time.

For the Heat, regardless of Smith's decision after he clears waivers, they will have some addition cap money to sign another player to the roster. They would, however, have to waive someone on the current roster, likely Andre Dawkins, to create the roster spot.

There's not a whole lot of other options out there right now, and the Heat may not even go with a forward with the money. They possibly might look to add a guard behind Dwyane Wade. Time will tell.

For now, the Heat will continue to look into Josh Smith and any other options that come their way.

For Josh McRoberts, it's rehab and preparing for next season.