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Recap: Heat lose 23-point second half lead in loss to lowly Sixers

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The Sixers win just their fourth game of the season in stunning fashion as the Heat stumbled in the second half at home.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This has to be the bottom. Matter of fact this better be the bottom.

The Miami Heat lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 91-87 tonight.

Worst loss of the season because this was at home against a team that was entered tonight's game at a league-worst 3-23. Lets stay on 23 for another fact. The 2014 Miami Heat were actually leading by 23 against a team before LOSING.

The Heat were up 69-46 in the middle of the third quarter to be exact. Go ahead and tell me Chris Bosh was out. No that excuse doesn't fly here. Especially not for this game. Why? because the Sixers only had eight players available to play!

After being up 23, the Heat were outscored 45-18 the rest of the way. The Heat had nine points in the fourth quarter and 30 points the 2nd half. Maybe you can say the Heat were looking ahead to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then again this is a team that has yet to reach .500. Meaning they can't afford to look ahead to anyone. Miami for once was looking for a two-game winning streak and instead it was one of the worst teams in the league who now have that win streak -- their first of the season.

The Sixers were led by Micheal Carter Williams who had 20 points, five assists, three rebounds and six steals as well as Luc Mbah a Moute added 19.

The Heat were led by Dwyane Wade and pretty much no one else. It's great to see Wade in great form but terrible to see him have little to no help. Wade scored 17 of his 23 in the first half while Shawne Williams had 17 and Mario Chalmers added 11.

Miami missed four crucial three pointers in the final minute of the game. The Heat also turned the ball over 22 times.

Up next for the Heat? An old flame. Named LeBron.