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LeBron James: An Old Flame

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HHH writer Binoj Jacob is thankful for LeBron's time in Miami.

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Go ahead and boo him. I won't judge you for it. You actually have a case considering how things ended.

The simple fact is LeBron James left the hot girlfriend to be with the wife he was supposed to be with for the rest of his life. The four years LeBron spent in Miami were his college years and even though he has yet to admit it, the four years were the most fun.

Was the four years perfect? No. June 12th, 2011 was tough. But from failure comes success, and that failure created two winning championship seasons. What is Miami now? Well the surreal truth is that the identity of this team is categorized under "Mediocre" and only three games away from securing its 2015 first round draft pick.

This season will anger you. In a way you will blame LeBron for it as well. As for me, I've accepted what Miami has become but I refuse to use to be angry about it. Instead I choose to be appreciative of what I had. For 4 years my favorite team in the world made to every sports discussion. LeBron walked into a city that embraced him for he was and loved him for he was about to become. Now he's the old flame and we're the ex girlfriend. . This franchise received a gift they never thought would happen. It was like having enough money to purchase a few Lexus cars and then a Bugatti was given to us at the price of a Lexus. Imagine that.

Do I believe this fan base should boo? No. Be better than Cleveland. Show thanks and appreciation for what you had. Which was the greatest sports figure in sports today. He played with the name Miami on  the front of his jersey. So this is my words of thanks to him. I choose to reflect and appreciate. Enjoy

Thanks LeBron for deciding to take your talents to South Beach even though the Heat don't play on South Beach.

Ending the Chicago Bulls' overhyped 2010-11 season and for blocking Derrick Rose's regular season MVP trophy.


Speaking of the Bulls, LeBron jumped over a human being. This is now the most memorable NBA highlight of John Lucas III.

Thanks LeBron for Game 6.

Speaking of fallen Celtics does anyone know whatever happened to Jason Terry?

Where there is Celtics and Bulls, there will always be the Indiana Pacers right? Thanks LeBron for getting Miami past these guys too, especially this buzzer beater.

Speaking of buzzer beaters, as good as Stephen Curry is now..remember when LeBron did this?                                     

Thank you LeBron for the Miami Heat's 2nd Championship

& following that with the Miami Heat's third NBA Championship. Oh and trust me no one forgot how LeBron "splittered" Tiago.

Thanks for not only winning, but for making this one hell of a team to watch. Exhibit A: Harlem Shake

And hugging fans when you didn't have to...

Thank you for helping us win 27 games in a row

And dropping 61 on the Charlotte Bobcats                                                                                                                                   

Four years worth of memories isn't worth booing once about. 2 MVPs. 2 Championships. An Olympic Gold Medal. 26.9 points a game, 7.5 rebounds, 6.7 assists. All done on shooting 54%. Did it end wrong? Yes. Prematurely? Yes. I wanted it to last longer just like you did. But the ride we became passengers for for 4 years was one for the ages.

That's because of Lebron James.