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The ReHeat: Miami falls to Magic as Wade misses buzzer beater

A second look at a very frustrating night

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

"F progress" - Dwyane Wade

Usually when Wade is angry, it produces a victory but we are the stage in his game where he can't will this team to victory anymore. The frustration for this team is at an all time high. The last time the franchise was 4 games under .500, it resulted in Micheal Beasley being picked...thats right..THAT season. This is team full of players that believe the record doesn't speak for the potential this team has. Sure losing Josh McRoberts was a sizable blow but the team still has enough pieces in a  wide open East to make the playoffs. This team can make the playoffs because it's incredibly tough NOT to make the playoffs. Yet last night the Heat lost to a team destined to make the lottery. Miami had a better 3pt % and three times as much attempted yet still managed to lose! In a game full of swings, Miami had a fighting chance till the end. The dreadful fact is the Heat now has a road schedule coming up where it plays at Portland, Houston, Clippers, and Warriors. Time to look at some players

Chris Bosh {20 points, 8 rebounds} - Bosh was a welcome sight back but unfortunately not enough. Even though the team biggest of big men finally returned, Nikola Vucevic had 26.

Dwyane Wade {25 points, 6 assists} Wade has every reason to be frustrated. Here is a 3 time champion who is now losing to the Magic. Unfortunately at the end it was the teacher being beat by the student.

Danny Granger [21 points] - For the first time this season Miami has had 3 guys with 20+ and that's what made this result even more frustrating. I mean who knows how many more of these games Granger can have. Went 5/5 from the 3point line in the first half and showed throughout the game that he may be Riley's best off season decision.

Hasssan Whiteside [8 points, 7 rebounds] You have to take this raw production for what it is and not demand better. This 25 year old project is one of the teams big men and you have to take the ups with the downs.

At the end of the day, this was the Magic and Miami needed to win this one because of what is to come on the road. When you're able to choose so many positives yet come up short where it matters, most call it progress. Not in Miami. Over here it's called "F progress"