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Luol Deng suffers hand injury vs Hawks

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In the second quarter of Wednesday's game against Atlanta, Deng suffered a hand injury. As Miami prepares for a five game road trip, they must face the fact that it might be without Deng.

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As Miami begins to prepare for a five game road trip they must face the realistic possibility that they might be doing so without starting forward Luol Deng.

For those who didn't tune into Wednesday's loss against the Hawks, Deng hurt his hand in the second quarter on a charge attempt. He subsequently left the game, to get an X-ray that returned negative.

This is not the first time Deng has been banged up while with Miami, and with the way things have been going they can't afford his absence going into the road trip.

The injury has been diagnosed as a bone bruise, and he's supposed to get it reevaluated shortly. That being said, he seems relatively hopeful to play again soon commenting on the injury saying:

"We're going to just wait and see," he said after the game. "We're going to monitor it the next couple of days. I tried to (keep playing). I came back in and I just had trouble passing and shooting the ball, so we made the decision to sit out."

With Miami struggling and Chris Bosh growing frustrated, Deng's absence if it's for an extended time would be a striking blow to this Miami team especially since Wade just came back.

Heat Nation can only hope that Deng's injury is not serious, and we see him playing again soon.

Update: Spoelstra confirmed Deng will be travelling with the team.