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This week in Heat basketball

The Miami Heat have three games this week, all out West on the road as they finish their 5-game trip. Will they come back above or below .500?

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Every week we take a look at what is to come for the Heat and talk about some matchups. I've also offered you some FanDuel advice for each Heat game. If you haven't started playing, you are really missing out. Even if you want to start and play for free until you get the hang of it, come join us!

Miami @ Phoenix

DETAILS: Tuesday, 9 PM EST

The Suns are a high scoring offense that is above .500 in the tough Western Conference. They are young, but a talented group. Fortunately for the Heat, they'll get the Suns on the back-side of a back-to-back as they will be playing the Clippers in L.A. before coming to Phoenix to host the Heat. The Suns have an impressive 5 players who average double figures led by Goran Dragic. They also have an unlimited supply of quality point guards which isn't good for the Heat.

This could potentially be a tough matchup for Dwyane Wade as he will be matched up against the super fast Eric Bledsoe. Chalmers and Cole should be able to handle Dragic to around his average. However, I do like Luol Deng matched up against either Morris twin, as he should be able to play sneaky and get around them.

FanDuel Advice: Markieff Morris should be a good play for Phoenix as the Heat don't have the type of body that can play him very well. For the Heat, this should be a great game for Chris Bosh as the Suns' centers won't pressure on defense and he should stretch the floor well.

Miami @ Denver

DETAILS: Wednesday, 10:30 PM EST; ESPN

A back-to-back for the Heat in Denver where they typically get run out of the building. The Nuggets have recover from a 1-6 start to the season and are now 9-11. Ty Lawson leads the way for Denver and he will likely scorch the Heat. Denver will play Monday in Toronto, but have Tuesday off before hosting Miami.

It will be interesting to see how the Heat contend with Kenneth Faried. Faried has the motor and energy to make life miserable for the Heat. Shawne Williams and Josh McRoberts aren't defensive motors. This might be a night that the Heat call on Udonis Haslem to help them.

FanDuel Advice: With the way point guards have carved up the Heat, I have a hard time thinking that Ty Lawson won't have a really good night. I think he would be a worthy play. I could see this as a game that Mario Chalmers plays well if you are looking for a low end point guard to round out your roster.

Miami @ Utah


The last stop of this extended road trip finds the Heat in Utah to play the Jazz. The Jazz are having a really rough season and they aren't good at any one particular thing. This is certainly a game the Heat should expect to win, but need to go out and win. Utah isn't a push over, they have size and youth at every position.

This will be the Heat's 9th day on the road, while Utah will have Wednesday and Thursday off to prepare for Miami at home. The key matchup will be at point guard. Can the Heat's experience take advantage of Utah's inexperience?

FanDuel Advice: Enes Kanter is the type of hard worker that could find himself feasting off Miami's lack of size, especially if Chris Andersen isn't back yet. He could be a valuable low cost option. For Miami, I see Dwyane Wade having a solid helping of points in this game. Utah simply doesn't have anyone to really guard him.


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