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Five Stars: Grizzlies 103, Heat 87

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Only one of five stars for last night's contest belong to Miami, and it's the guy you expected.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I mined for data, and with the GameScore metric, can rank the performers from each game.

First Star

Jon Leuer (MEM) 20.8

Leuer earned the first star of the contest with an NBA second-high 20.8 GameScore. He came off the bench and only ranked sixth on the Grizzlies with 23:58 on the floor. In that time, he managed to garner the only double-double of the game, scoring 20 points with 12 rebounds. He shot seven-of-12 overall and two-for-three from outside, along with all four of his free throw attempts. He pitched in with two steals, an assist, and a block, with a plus-10 rating, one turnover and one foul on the night.

It's just a matter of seeing the ball go in a couple of times. Just focusing on doing all the little things. When you focus on playing the right way and making good decisions, playing hard, shots tend to fall. - Leuer

Second Star

Courtney Lee (MEM) 17.1

Lee hit seven-of-nine shot from the field, and all three of his three point shot attempts. He rated a plus-6, with three assists, two steals, and one rebound. He also committed two fouls on his way to 17 points in 37:02 on the floor.

He played out of his mind. That's the Jon Leuer we see every day in practice being athletic, getting up and down the floor and stretching the floor. Once he hit his first shot, his confidence was through the roof. - Courtney Lee, on Leuer

Third Star

Zach Randolph (MEM) 15.1

Randolph also scored 17 points for the Grizzlies, playing a total of 23:45 as Memphis' starting power forward. He shot eight-of-15 and made his only free throw attempt, posting a plus-6 rating on the night. He also collected six rebounds, two assists and a steal, with no fouls and no turnovers.

Fourth Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 15.0

Miami's first star of the night was unfortunately only the fourth star of the game. Wade led Miami with a game-high 25 points, 11 more than Josh McRoberts, who was second on the team in scoring. Wade made 11-of-20 field goals and did not attempt a three-pointer. He sank three-of-five from the foul line, dished out a team leading six assists, and made two rebounds, a steal, two fouls, and five turnovers. He earned a minus-7 rating in 34:59 on the court.

They made us pay for bad possessions. They hit some shots, and it was going against what we wanted them to do. We came in with a game plan for the Grizzlies, and they beat us another way. - Wade

Fifth Star

Mike Conley (MEM) 14.0

Conley rounds out the top five of the night with 18 points in 27:55. He did not miss any shots at all, making two three-pointers and six two-pointers. He had two assists and three turnovers, finishing up with a plus-2 rating.

I had to take my frustration out. It was a bad day for Badger Nation, but we're a resilient group - Conley, regarding the University of Wisconsin football team losing 59-0 to the Ohio State Buckeyes (Conley was a Buckeye, Leuer was a Badger).

The Rest

Josh McRoberts (MIA) 12.8
Tony Allen (MEM) 11.3
Luol Deng (MIA) 10.6
Mario Chalmers (MIA) 10.1
Chris Bosh (MIA) 9.9
Tayshaun Prince (MEM) 5.6
Beno Udrih (MEM) 4.5
Norris Cole (MIA) 4.3
Marc Gasol (MEM) 3.2
James Ennis (MIA) 2.7
Udonis Haslem (MIA) 2.2
Shawne Williams (MIA) 1.1
Kosta Koufos (MEM) 0.4
Nick Calathes (MEM) 0.0
Justin Hamilton (MIA) 0.0
Jarnell Stokes (MEM) 0.0
Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 0.0
Quincy Poindexter (MEM) -0.5

Dog of the Night

Shabazz Napier (MIA) -0.4

Napier earned Miami's only sub-zero game score despite playing 18:24. It wasn't that he was bad, exactly, but he just wasn't anything. He totaled a missed shot and one rebound, along with a minus-14 rating. That's it. No assists, no points, no steals. He was just - there. Miami needs to see more out of the extremely talented and pliable rookie, and I think the kid has what it takes. Just not last night.

Miami has a chance to right the ship starting tomorrow night, with a 9PM showtime in Phoenix against the high-flying Suns offense.