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Andrew Bynum signs with Pacers; does this spell trouble for the Heat?

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Interest from the Miami Heat appeared to be lukewarm, at best.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise move, Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting Andrew Bynum is on his way to Indiana and will be signing with the Pacers today.

The Pacers are already set in their big man rotation with Ian Mahinmi backing up Roy Hibbert in addition to Luis Scola backing up David West at the power forward slot. While the Pacers gain some roster flexibility as well as insurance against foul trouble or injury, it appears as if Bynum will not be a regular rotation player.

Supposedly, that is precisely what the talented but injury-prone and mercurial big man was looking for in the open market after being released by the Chicago Bulls following his banishment/trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he averaged 8.4 points and 5.3 rebounds for the Cavaliers over the course of 24 games.

The thinking (from outsiders) is that they signed him away to prevent him joining the Miami Heat, which makes little sense. If the Head had wanted him, they could have signed him weeks ago. At this stage of the season, the Heat apparently feel comfortable enough with Greg Oden and his recovery instead of bringing in an outsider who by all accounts has been very difficult to manage and nurture since his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Heat also did not have an open roster spot, like the Pacers do, and are over the cap, which the Pacers are not.

Yes, the Heat may need a little more size but it's the Pacers who will take a gamble and see what Bynum has to offer. If he does pan out however, Miami will have their hands full in the playoffs.