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Heat vs Warriors Preview

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After narrowly escaping the Suns in a win led by LeBron James. The Heat look to complete their back to back with a win against the Golden State Warriors.


"Warriors come out to plaayyyyayyy!"

The Warriors and Heat always make for an entertaining match-up, after narrowly escaping the Suns last night, Dwyane Wade is set to rejoin the lineup tonight. He missed yesterday's game with a migraine, and  with so many knee issues Wade missing games with migraines are almost never an occurrence.  Regardless, it will be helpful to have him back in the line-up as he's been looking good lately. A win against the Warriors tonight, would hopefully instill confidence within the Heat lineup before they go into All-Star Break.

Of course, while Wade may be the X-Factor in a potential win the story is still LeBron James. James is coming off of a 37 point, nine rebound outing against the Sixers and seems to have finally hit his stride, to bury the "coasting" talk. Of course LeBron was spectacular in his last outing versus Golden State, and a loss was still suffered. In spite of their previous match-up it's worth noting that Golden State is shorthanded. Andrew Bogut finds himself missing, another game due to a shoulderinjury leaving Miami some leeway when it comes to their height weakness.

Defense will still be the key to winning this one however, Miami's defense has been sloppy in their outings with Golden State and a strong close-out d will be necessary against the Warrior's knock down sharpshooters. The Warriors have been average since their win versus Miami going only 7-8, as Heat fans are all ware from our 2007 season the losses take a toll and may perhaps prove to be a factor tonight. No doubt this should be a great match-up, with Golden State winning three of the last four, this can be looked at as a statement game for Miami.

Tune in to NBA TV 10:30 pm to see your Miami Heat battle the Warriors.