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Heat Trade Roger Mason Jr. to open a roster spot

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In what will probably be the most boring deal of Deadline day, the Heat traded Roger Mason Jr. to the Kings.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have agreed to trade Roger Mason Jr. and cash to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for, in the words of ESPN's Marc Stein, "a highly protected second round pick that will most likely never be conveyed".

Ken Berger of CBS Sports was the first to report the deal.  Berger is also reporting that the Kings will buyout Mason Jr. with the money the Heat are sending them in the trade.

As I mentioned one week ago, the Heat seem likely to pursue Caron Butler should he be waived by Milwaukee.  Trading Mason Jr. and receiving nobody in return opens up a roster spot that would allow the Heat to do that.  I'd imagine there are other options the Heat are looking at as well, but Butler is the only one I know of right now.

I wouldn't expect much of anything else from the Heat today, but what do I know?