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Could Danny Granger sign with the Miami Heat?

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Before the trade deadline, the Indiana Pacers agreed to a trade that swapped Danny Granger for Evan Turner of the Philadelphia 76ers. But if Granger can reach a buyout with the 76ers, could he end up in South Beach?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest move of the NBA Trade Deadline this year, came from one of the best teams in the NBA, and the current leader atop the Eastern Conference...the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers agreed to a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers, where they would trade Danny Granger, who has been with the team for his entire career so far, in exchange for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.

That wasn't the only move the Sixers did at the trade deadline, they also agreed to trade center Spencer Hawes to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as it appears Philadelphia is taking "tanking" to a whole new level.

It could get worse for the 76ers, as it has been reported Danny Granger was not happy with the trade (who could blame him) and he is reportedly requesting a buyout from the team.

Rumor is that if he completes a buyout, the 2 teams on Granger's list are the San Antonio Spurs, and of course...the Miami Heat.

A few days ago, it wouldn't be possible for Danny Granger to sign with the Heat because Miami did not have an open roster spot, but trading Roger Mason Jr. yesterday to the Kings makes the possibility of Danny Granger coming to South Beach ever more likely.

Not only would coming to Miami help Granger compete for a championship like he was while with the Pacers, but it could be the perfect "revenge" he could possibly get on them for trading him (if he wants to do that, not saying he is.)

As we said earlier in the article, Granger has spent his entire career in Indiana, he knows a lot about the Pacers strategy and "inside secrets" per say. Signing him could be a edge when the 2 teams meet in the playoffs for a chance to go to the NBA Finals (We all know they will play each other.)

Danny would also play a big role off the bench for the Heat. It never hurts to add another scorer to your bench and he also helps with perimeter defense and another shooter, to help replace the absence of Mike Miller, and the possibility this will be Shane Battier's last season, which if that happens, Granger could see himself starting for the Miami Heat next year.

It is not close to happening yet, and it won't e until a buyout with the 76ers happens. But what do you think, Heat Nation? Should Pat Riley add Danny Granger to the team? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below.