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Chris Bosh deserves his fair due as well

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Overshadowed by both of his superstar teammates, Chris Bosh has quietly been playing phenomenally and needs to be recognized.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh isn't flashy, he won't deliver death defying dunks, or superstar playmaking. In all honesty, he's not known to make himself recognized (except for postgame interviews). However, while his play may be low key and not identified by some, it's making a mark in the box score as he consistently delivers some of his best numbers to date.

Some disregard Bosh. His goofy demeanor, and fun loving attitude make it a challenge for people to take him seriously and thus they don't consider him a superstar, or a worthy enough member of the Big Three. Nevertheless, to express these sentiments would be ignorant as Bosh is playing spectacularly.

Over the last four games Bosh has scored at least 20 points (okay he scored 19 against Golden State) while also averaging 7.5 rebounds per game as well as two blocks. While his play may not be as exciting as the others, it is effective and thus should be recognized.

Dwyane Wade as well as LeBron James were praised by their outings against Oklahoma City on Thursday night, Wade put up 24 points, and LeBron 33. However, with the news of LeBron's broken nose, Bosh's performance went unnoticed, which was a shame. Against, this hardened Oklahoma City squadron Chris Bosh was able to put up an extremely impressive stat-line of 24 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. If that's not "superstar" caliber play I don't know what is.

Bosh is the core of the Miami franchise, constantly scrambling to grab rebounds, and emulate the center position on a team without a reliable big man. While at times this is of course a struggle, the majority of the time Chris Bosh shines, yet still manages to take a back seat to the "Big Two".

Of course this has to be unsettling to Bosh, though he's rather reserved about it. Bosh was a superstar in Toronto, and while Wade has stepped back to let LeBron dominate, Bosh has almost vanished from public opinion.

It must be made apparent that the master of the half-court shot, might not be back after this season as its been rumored that he plans to test the free agency market. With free agency looming, and championship expectations eminent, Heat enthusiasts should enjoy Chris' performances in South Beach as it could potentially be the last year we do so. Needlessly to say, it would drastically change the play style of the defending champions. Whatever the case, it's essential to regard Chris Bosh's astounding play as he's making a huge difference for this Miami Heat team.

The Heat dynasty, that has graced our television screens for three years is on every member of the team, but the bottom line is that Bosh has made an enormous difference.