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Heat burn Knicks 108-82 in lopsided matchup

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The Heat were unstoppable as they destroyed a sub-par Knicks team by double digits.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We knew this was going to be the outcome didn't we?

As the Miami Heat have been surging the New York Knicks have been dealing with a plethora of injuries and uncertainty, that has resulted in some of the NBA's most lackluster play. Nevertheless, the Heat-Knicks match-ups are generally fun and this one was, until the third quarter.

While the Heat were firing on all cylinders leading to halftime, the Knicks were able to surge back within three. Unfortunately for them, it didn't last and that's for one reason: the Heat have found it. The style of play they're exhibiting is extraordinary. This is a championship team, and it's not all on LeBron James.

Wearing a Batman-like mask to protect his broken nose, LeBron was on fire. He scored 31 points, going 13 for 19 from the field clearly unaffected by the new accessory.

However, close behind him was the Flash himself, Dwyane Wade who scored 23 points. The third quarter run Miami went on was fantastic, and the team chemistry they're displaying is palpable. Tonight the Heat were able to shoot 67% while the Knicks shot a below average 37% from the field.

Regardless, it's not to take away from their play, but both Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler were fantastic, unfortunately it just wasn't nearly enough to overcome the Heat's level of play down the stretch.

This game should make Miami fans very excited for the future. A healthy Dwyane Wade makes this team virtually unbeatable and with Greg Oden finally finding his role, anything is possible.

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