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HHH GameTime Preview: Heat host Nuggets, seek bounce back win

After a handful of losses the Miami Heat look to pick things up against the Denver Nuggets tonight in Miami.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It hasn't been pretty in South Beach lately, the Heat have suffered a handful of losses in March similar to what they endured in the March of 2011. Miami Heat fans, and basketball enthusiasts alike have been quick to berate the coaching and recent play of LeBron James despite it still being the regular season, and five weeks to the post-season. It really seems as if Miami missed their chance to move into the number one seed in the East and that scares people even though it's really not that big of an issue. Nevertheless, it's hard not to contend that the Heat are indeed slumping and in that case they need to be victorious in tonight's match-up Versus. The Denver Nuggets.

Miami is looking to avoid dropping back-to-back for the first time since the 2010-2011 season, in any case it seems as if the losses are motivating them to return to championship form. quotes Coach Spoelstra explaining that he knows where Miami is right now, and where they still need to improve saying:

"It's competition," "It's survival of the strongest right now. ... We still feel confident about our game. We just need to put it together."

Dwyane Wade also seems to know where the Heat stand, and where the team needs to come together explaining:

"We do need to execute down the stretch," "We need to be able to at least get the ball up to the rim, so we're going to have to work on that a little bit. We've got something to work on as a team. That's not a bad thing."

These losses have dropped Miami two games behind Indiana for the first seed. The Heat players aren't happy, but they're not worried. Miami generally plays well against the Denver Nuggets, and should be able to clean up their act utilizing this contest as a confidence building game. However, at this stage Miami can't take any team lightly. The factors of Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, as well as JJ Hickson are always a factor and can be an issue for Miami on the glass. There is also the fact they are running high off an impressive victory in Orlando last night.

The Heat are in a slump, but tonight's match-up can definitely change things for the better. The Nuggets are not to be taken lightly, but Miami tends to play their best basketball when being criticized. A wounded animal is regarded as the most dangerous, that is where the Heat stand currently.

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