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LeBron to assist Obama in promoting Affordable Care Act

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The President calls upon the Heat's four-time MVP for an assist in promoting the Affordable Care Act.

With the Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline quickly approaching on March 31st, the President has called upon the Miami Heat's four-time MVP for an assist.

According to Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick, President Obama reached out to LeBron James and requested his assistance to promote

"Any way I can help the president, that's pretty cool," James said Wednesday night.

A 30-second public service announcement has been released featuring James and will air on several networks including ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV during NBA games.

James is not the first NBA star to be be featured in such PSAs, former Laker legend Magic Johnson and the Heat's own Alonzo Mourning have both been featured in similar segments.

Both Johnson and Mourning have had to deal with serious health issues during their NBA careers -- HIV for Magic and kidney disease for Zo.

James has forged a friendship with the President through the years and has been a strong supporter of his prior to his presidential election.

"The president greatly admires and respects LeBron, and we are excited that he is joining a number of other athletes in helping spread the word during these critical final weeks of open enrollment," says one administration official.

While Obamacare remains a highly controversial topic amongst Americans, James stands firm in what he believes in and his support of the president.

"I mean, I can't worry about that," he said. "Especially who I am. I mean, I know that everything that I do is going to be bigger than what it should be or blown out of proportion. But what I believe in and the people that I support is what it's all about. So I can sleep comfortably at night."