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QuoteBoard: The Heat's problems, in their words

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The Miami Heat have dropped 5 out of 6 six games and have lost the distance they gained looking for the #1 seed in the East. So what's wrong? Here's what they had to say.

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So many times we try to analyze and over-analyze the situation. The Miami Heat are struggling. They've lost five out of six games, including two in a row at home. I could write a hundred different things about how the Heat need to have more energy, or rebound better, or learn how to close, or play with urgency, or whatever the case may be.

Sometimes, it's good just to take a gander at what they have to say about the situation.

So here's the QuoteBoard from the last few days:

Dwyane Wade:

" It's never gonna be ideal. Whenever you have this much talent, at some point, everyone's gonna feel left out" (on late game situations).

"It's just about finding the right combination. I though last night, we had the right combination, but we just dig ourselves a big hole."

"In three years we haven't had this. So it's kind of come out of nowhere. We've been playing well for a very long time. And even when we've lost, we've always been able to get it back. No one said it would be perfect. No one said it would be smooth sailing. It's a challenge and we have to step up to the challenge and not let it go."

"It's never in here. What we do in this locker room is totally 100% together. On the court, that's where we're winning and losing basketball games. We have to figure it out out there. And I'm very confident this team will. We've got to do it sooner than later."

"Something is off."

"This is just something we have to deal with."

LeBron James:

"We're just not playing well, and it's a league where it can turn to quicksand quick. We have to figure it out, continue to get better. And it doesn't get any easier for us, having Houston come into our building Sunday. We have to right the ship."

"We've been here before. This moment will either define our season, or end our season. Obviously it won't end right now, but if it carries on into the playoffs it will. We always have one defining moment, and this is it right here for us."

Chris Bosh:

"I think it's dire consequence now. When you get to four out of five and five out six, to our standards, that's unacceptable. We know we're better than this. We have to have better urgency. That's all it is. That's all it's about. When we come with the urgency...we can't be beaten. But if we don't, you know, these past couple of weeks, that's what happens."

"It's nothing complicated. We're making mistakes in transition and transition offense, half-court offense, half-court defense, boxing out, contesting shots, plays. They're running simple plays down our throats. We're a better defensive team than this. It's just how it is right now. It stinks. The only people who are going to dig ourselves out is us. We just have to make it happen."

"I wish I could talk like I wanted to...but kids and women don't need to hear that."

"Shoot man, we still have a chance with all that. We just have to be urgent. Urgency is a word of choice right now."

"We're going for that number one seed. We had our chance and shot ourselves in the foot like eight times, and now we're here."

"Right now, we're indecisive. We're not making simple plays."


So that's it. In their words. You can sense their frustration, but you can also sense a degree of this is just part of the regular season. Either way, the Heat have 19 games to get their act together for the playoffs.

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