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Mike Miller to receive his 2013 championship ring

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Before Friday night's tipoff, Mike Miller will receive his 2013 championship ring as the Grizzlies face the HEAT at home.

The Miami HEAT issued a press release today indicating that former HEAT forward, Mike Miller, will be set to receive his 2013 championship ring at a presentation before tipoff at Friday night's HEAT vs. Grizzlies game. Below is the official press release with details of the presentation:

"HEAT Head Coach Erik Spoelstra will present former HEAT player Mike Miller with his 2013 Championship Ring before the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Miami HEAT game on Friday, March 21st. The presentation, which includes a video compilation highlighting Miller's contributions during the three years he was a HEAT player, will take place before player introductions (approximately 7:30 p.m.). Miller currently plays for the Grizzlies."