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HHH GameTime Preview: Miami HEAT Vs. New Orleans Pelicans

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The HEAT visit the Unibrow and Company in the Big Easy at 8PM.

The HEAT pay a visit to New Orleans to play the Pelicans tonight at 8PM. It's the second and final meeting between the two this season. Last night, Miami began and ended a one-game homestand, defeating the Memphis Grizzlies 91-86. After tonight's matchup, they'll begin and end another one-game homestand, hosting the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday. The Pelicans defeated the Atlanta Hawks last night, 111-105. Tonight they're opening a four game homestand. They'll host the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, and the Utah Jazz on Friday.

The last time Miami played New Orleans, the 26-8 HEAT were hosting the 15-17 Pelicans on January 7th. LeBron James led the HEAT with 32 points on 13-of-22 shooting with five assists and two steals, while cohort Dwyane Wade shot nine-for-15 on his way to 22 points, eight rebounds and eight helpers in a 107-88 HEAT victory. Chris Andersen pitched in 15 points and seven boards for the win. Anthony Davis led the Pelicans with 22 points, 12 rebounds, three steals and two blocks. * Full Recap * Box Score * Video Highlights

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra spoke about Miami getting hot after halftime:

I was encouraged by the second half. That's a very talented team (the Pelicans). In the first half, we couldn't quite figure it out defensively. They were scoring, moving us around and definitely had us in some compromising positions.

The Bird Writes has more on the Pelicans.

In Miami's last game, the HEAT played from behind most of the game before regrouping and overcoming a seven-point deficit with four minutes remaining to defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 91-86. Ray Allen led Miami with 18 points, four rebounds and four assists, and LeBron James scored 15 points with seven assists and six rebounds. Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers each pitched in with 14, while Chris Bosh had 11. Zach Randolph had a solid night for the Grizzlies, scoring a game high 25 points with a game high 14 rebounds and four helpers. * Full Recap * Box Score * Video Highlights

Spo talked about Memphis' size later:

When you play against a big team like this that can defend well, you have to really work the game. You have to be able to manage all the emotions that go on during the course of the game. ... We got down 10 in the third quarter and we just had to keep grinding.

For Grizzlies news, go to Grizzly Bear Blues.

New Orleans claimed a 111-105 victory last night over the Atlanta Hawks. Anthony Davis had 34 points and 11 rebounds, Tyreke Evans had 21 points with four steals and four assists, and Brian Roberts had 16 with five boards. Jeff Teague had 26 points and eight assists for the Hawks. * Full Recap * Box Score * Video Highlights

Pelican's coach Monty Williams spoke after the game about Luke Babbitt, who entered the game late and finished with 11 points in 12 minutes:

I'm not sure if the Hawks expected to see a stretch [power forward] like Luke . . . props to him for being able to come right in the game and cold and being able to knock down the shot.

If the Hawks are your second favorite team, check out Peachtree Hoops.

Game Time: 8PM

Season Series: Miami leads 1-0 with their 107-88 win in January.

All-Time Series: Miami has a chance to get to .500 all-time against the Pelican/Hornet franchise. They currently have a 37-38 record.

This Day in Heatstory

Miami is 8-6 on March 22nd's since 1989.

1989 - HEAT 107, Knicks 103

1991 - Spurs 97, HEAT 90

1992 - HEAT 107, Nets 100

1994 - Suns 124, HEAT 118

1995 - HEAT 98, Hawks 84

1996 - HEAT 122, Bucks 106

1998 - HEAT 112, Trail Blazers 80

2002 - Pacers 104, HEAT 94

2005 - Rockets 84, HEAT 82

2006 - Pistons 82, HEAT 73

2008 - Bobcats 94, HEAT 82

2009 - HEAT 101, Pistons 96

2010 - HEAT 99, Nets 89

2013 - HEAT 103, Pistons 89

Starting Lineup

Miami HEAT
PG - Mario Chalmers
PF - Shane Battier
C - Chris Bosh
SF - LeBron James
SG - Dwyane Wade

New Orleans Pelicans
PG - Brian Roberts
PF - Anthony Davis
C - Greg Stiemsma
SF - Tyreke Evans
SG - Eric Gordon


Miami HEAT

PPG: LBJ - 26.8, DWade - 19.3, Bosh - 16.7
RPG: LBJ - 6.9, Bosh - 6.8, Birdman - 5.0
APG: LBJ - 6.4, Rio - 5.0, DWade - 4.9
SPG: Rio - 1.7, LBJ - 1.6, DWade - 1.5
BPG: Birdman - 1.3, Bosh - 0.9, Battier - 0.6
PER: LBJ (2409 minutes) - 29.1, DWade (1678 minutes) - 22.2, Bosh (2115 minutes) - 19.6, Birdman (1168 minutes) - 18.1, B Eazy (743 minutes) - 16.4

New Orleans Pelicans

PPG: Anthony Davis - 21.6, Eric Gordon - 15.4, Jrue Holiday - 14.3
RPG: Anthony Davis - 10.4, Al-Farouq Aminu - 6.2, Alexis Ajinca - 4.7
APG: Jrue Holiday - 7.9, Eric Gordon - 3.2, Brian Roberts - 3.2
SPG: Jrue Holiday - 1.6, Anthony Davis - 1.4, Eric Gordon - 1.2
BPG: Anthony Davis - 2.9, Greg Stiemsma - 1.0, Alexis Ajinca - 0.8
PER: Anthony Davis (2126 minutes) - 27.1, Tyreke Evans (1594 minutes) - 18.0, Jrue Holiday (1143 minutes) - 17.3, Eric Gordon ( 2057 minutes) - 15.0, Al-Farouq Aminu (1685 minutes) - 13.6

The court should be pretty level from a fatigue standpoint with each team playing in the second half of a back to back, and each team having taken a flight since their respective contests. Miami has it over the Pelicans all day in the talent department, but do not have a solid answer for the NBA's leading shot blocker Anthony Davis. Miami may be able to slow him down by playing Chris Andersen and Greg Oden against him when able.

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