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Three Stars: Miami Defeats Grizzlies 91-86

The numbers behind the numbers. Using's Gamescore statistic to rate the three best players of the game.

So, Miami won 91-86, coming back in the fourth quarter to sneak up and club the poor unsuspecting Bears. Who had the biggest impact on the game? We used to choose our heroes.

First Star: Zach Randolph

Randolph played 37:12 to lead Memphis, second only to LeBron James minutes. He shot 12-for-20 on the night, finishing with a game high 25 points, a game high 14 rebounds, and four assists. While he was on the floor, Memphis outscored Miami by two points. By that rationale, if he had played all 48 minutes, the Grizzlies would have won. On the negative side of things, he committed five fouls and turned the ball over five times, plus his team lost. So there's that.

Second Star: Ray Allen

As he has all season, Allen was the first HEAT player off the bench. He played 30:44 and led Miami in scoring, with 18 points on seven-of-14 shooting, including a two-for-five showing from deep. He also had four rebounds and four helpers on the night. All this in his 18th professional season. Jesus Shuttlesworth seems to have a few tricks left in the bag.

Third Star: LeBron James

James led all players with 38:01 on the floor. He matched Allen's seven-for-14 performance from the field, finishing with 15 points. He had six boards and a game high seven dimes. It's a testament to his skill level that on a night when he played a largely "below average" game that he led the game in assists and still managed to shoot at a 50% success rate.