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Bosh Interview: Big 3 staying in Miami

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Chris Bosh was interviewed in 790 the Ticket by Dan Le Batard and had some found things to say about the Big 3 and free agency.

Mike Ehrmann

We aren't sure if Chris Bosh was being playful or truthful. In fact, what else was he supposed to say in this moment? But rather than declining comment, Bosh responded in the way Heat fans would want him to.

Dan Le Batard and co-host Stugotz asked Chris Bosh true or false questions to end the segment.

Le Batard asked whether Bosh-who can opt out of his contract after this season-will be in Miami next year.

"True," Bosh answered.

"And so will LeBron...," Le Batard continued.

"True," Bosh replied.

Bosh, thankfully, didn't respond with "false." That would have made for some interesting discussion. But he also answered the question and he didn't shy away from it. Bosh did this earlier in the season during the All-Star break, and said he believes they will continue to be together.

Now, there are a lot of things that go into this, money, cap restrictions, age of the team, retiring players. But all signs from Bosh and Dwyane Wade are that they will be here, and now Bosh says LeBron James will be to.

LeBron won't talk about it until after the season.

But this was good news to hear.