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HHH guest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show to talk all things HEAT

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Check out the Phil Naessens Show where we discuss the latest happenings with the defending champions

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Join me, Hot Hot Hoops site manager Surya Fernandez, as I participated in the the latest episode of the Phil Naessens Show where we touched upon a variety of topics concerning the Miami Heat including:

1) Possible misconceptions that outsiders may have about the HEAT team and what they might not know about a collection of players that have persevered through adversity since the Big 3 came together.
2) Reasons why the HEAT have struggled with up-and-down play lately.
3) What factors have made this season different for Miami?
4) Looking back on the HEAT loss vs Pacers.

Our segment starts around the 20 minute mark. You can follow Phil over at Twitter and make sure to keep listening to the show. Also, keep an ear out for future HHH appearances soon.