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Heat look to win 16th straight vs Charlotte

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The Miami Heat look to win their 16th straight game against the Bobcats.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have been on (pardon the pun) a hot streak for the last month, almost paralleling the success they found last season at this time. A lot of that has been in part to the health of Miami's players, most noticeable Dwyane Wade who has appeared extremely consistent and healthy over the last four games. Miami looks to continue the trend tonight vs Charlotte in Miami, their first of a back-to-back (tomorrow they face Houston) Of course, while this isn't necessarily a marquee match-up for Miami, there's a chance that this will give the star players an opportunity to rest while Coach Spoelstra makes some adjustments to the rotation.

That's not to say Charlotte won't put up a fight, they are currently the seventh seed in the East looking to take to the post-season for only the second time in franchise history and a win against Miami would certainly cause some rejuvenation within their roster. Whatever the case this looks to be a good one, Miami is 2 1/2 games behind Indiana and with their win streak almost reaching double digits it appears their only goal is to steal home court advantage. It's also worth noting that Miami's defense has returned to an elite level constantly hindering the offense of even the NBA's most noteworthy talent.

This will be an interesting match-up despite the obvious lack in star-power, and should be seen by Heat fans. Heat fans should tune in to their local provider at 7:30pm Eastern time to watch this one.

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