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LeBron scores franchise & career high 61 points in Heat rout of Bobcats

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LeBron was just in another world on Monday night as he set a career high and a franchise record scoring 61 points in the Heat's win over the Bobcats

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade sat supportively on the bench as he watched his teammate pass him on the history books. LeBron James set a career high and a franchise high in points against the Bobcats with 61. The Heat won the game 124-107.

LeBron finished the game with 61 points on 66% shooting with 7 rebounds and 5 assists. No one has done that since Michael Jordan back in 1986. James shot 8-10 from downtown and made his first 8 threes. He also played the entire second half, which included a career best 25 points in the third quarter. It became pretty clear, the MVP has his trophy in striking distance again.

James played 41 minutes, despite the fact that Miami plays a back-to-back in Houston the very next night. But this game became only about one thing - watching LeBron do his thing, and it was fun! James shot 22-33 from the field.

The Heat scored 124 points, albeit 61 from LeBron, on the NBA's 4th ranked defense in PPG. They again, shot a blistering 57% from the field. Chris Bosh added 15 points and Toney Douglas was your third leading scorer on the team with 10!

On the other side of the court, Al Jefferson had one of the most dominant performances you won't hear about. He had 38 points and 19 rebounds, and we won't give him more than a paragraph. The Heat simply didn't have much of an answer for him down low, our from mid range, He got what he wanted when he wanted it. He was 18-24 from the field. Yet, his success will be blizted by the greatness of LeBron James.

James' 61 points is the second highest scoring game in the NBA this season. Carmelo Anthony had 62, also against the Charlotte Bobcats. We are sure there are many miscellaneous records broken tonight in this one, if you missed it, be sure to go back and watch it.

The Heat improved to 43-14 on the season. They play the Houston Rockets Tuesday night in Houston for the beginning of a three game trip that goes to San Antonio and finishes in Chicago on Sunday.