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56 Points – A Personal Obituary

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Glen Rice scored 56 points against the Orlando Magic on April 15, 1995. It was the Miami Heat’s single-game scoring record for nearly 19 years. Until LeBron James posted a career-high 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats. The following is a point-by-point account of how Rice – known affectionately by Heat fans as “G-Money” – watched his name slowly erased from record books.

Glen Rice sits in silence in his South Florida home. He can't hear the rain falling outside, instead focusing on the young man on the television screen knocking down another long-range shot. He smiles broadly, presses the "EJECT" button on his remote control, and walks gingerly over to the VCR. He pulls out a cassette with a yellowed, fraying label that reads "April 15 - Best Game in Heat History" and puts the video back in a specially-marked case that sports an embossed "56" on its dusty, leather exterior.

He sits back down on his favorite recliner and checks the local cable channel to see if a game's on. There is - Charlotte at Miami. "My two old teams, well almost" he thinks and smiles again. "This should be fun. I might even get mentioned at some point."


2 Nice drive, ‘Bron. Personally, I would have just shot it from outside but you're not a shooter like me...



5 ...well, sometimes you get lucky, but that form is ugly as hell! Not Al Jefferson-ugly but damn close...


7 Man, that wasn't no foul! Back in my day, they hit you for real...big as you are, that ain't no foul!


9 Damn, how'd he get along the baseline like that? How the hell don't you notice a dude that big?


11 Nice rebound...but that's why I had DJ Rony down there for!

12 How the hell you miss a free throw? I shot 85% for my career and went 9-of-10 during my big game...and I only missed one because I laughed when Shaq made fun of Seikaly's breath...



15 Wow, is that Patrick Ewing? He looks like he ATE the rest of the Knicks! And what the hell is he wearing? Is it still tribute night for Dr. Jack?



18 Boy looks like he's feelin' it! Got the hot hand, no matter what them analytics people say!

19 ...another damned missed free fundamentals in these players today...


21 Another putback. If you're down low, it's easy to get those rebounds. Try getting them when you're camped outside the three-point line! That takes skill!


23 Ugh. That fade away is dirty...

24 Maybe Riley will get me a job as a Free Throw Shooting Coach...85%!!! Should never have traded me to Charlotte, Riles!

HALFTIME - Oooh! ‘The Bachelor' is on! That Juan Pablo is a sneaky son-of-a-bitch. Reminds me of Christina...



27 Damn. He's still on fire but he'll cool off soon. I hit 7-of-8 when I went off for 56. Hoop looked big as an ocean...



30 30 points? At the start of the third quarter? Bobcats oughta' be called the Pussy Cats...HA! Good one, Glen...


32 I'm hungry...I wonder if I got any of them frozen pizza bagels left? I wonder what Sarah's up to?



35 How many goddamn threes has he hit tonight? Gotta cool off soon...but he does have that look in his eye, though


37 Goddamnit, Chalmers...if you hit that layup, ‘Bron wouldn't have been able to put back that miss! No wonder everybody yells at you...



40 I thought LeBron was all about passing the ball! That don't look like no assist to me!


42 You call ‘and 1' on that??? Refs nowadays...he's gonna miss the free throw, though.

43 ...guess not...



46 Settle down now, ‘Bron. Your boy D-Wade got that record of 55 don't wanna do ‘im dirty like that, not with his knees and all...just relax and go to the bench. That mask looks uncomfortable...



49 Alright, now this is serious! Spo, you better take this dude out before he gets hurt! Think of the three-peat, godamnit! Please...


51 He's gotta come out, now! They're up by 21! What the hell is Spo doing!


53 Goddamn Bobcats...give up, already...let him go to the bench. Y'all keep cuttin' into that lead, he's just gonna stay out there...


55 ...still got a chance...


57 ............


59 Now he's just rubbing it in...maybe he'll go after 'Melo's record next...


61 Oh, well. It was a good run...should'a just kept on watching ‘The Bachelor', though...

Glen Rice rises from his recliner, his shoulders just a bit more hunched than they were three hours ago, and walks toward the television. He grabs the videocassette out of its cover, puts it back in the VCR, and presses the "PLAY" button as he eases back into his chair.

He smiles broadly again and soon drifts off to sleep, dreaming of Alaska and the purity of the three-point shot.

For the record, Glen Rice is one of the greatest players in Miami Heat history. A 3-time All-Star, 6-time Top 10 scorer, an NBA champion in 2000 and the winner of the 1995 3-Point Shootout. Long live G-Money!

Also, pizza bagels are delicious.