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The top HEAT assists of the NBA season

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With the season winding down, I thought I'd review some of the nastiest dishes doled out by your Miami Heat

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

While your Miami HEAT were constructed with three superstars capable of shouldering the offensive burden all by their lonesome, it's evident that the team is at their best when the ball is moving, hitting open cutters and shooters for easy baskets. Sometimes, the passing bordered on absurd, playground material that would mesmerize the crowd. Let's take a look at a few from this past season.

We could make a documentary on lobs that LeBron has slammed down, but let's check out some of his own passing:

LeBron has eyes in the back of his head. It's pretty much imperative that you stay alert at all times, or a LeBron fastball could clock your noggin. Here are a few more miscellaneous passes:

So which was your favorite among my selections? Or do you have one that I may have missed? Feel free to post any I missed in the comments section.