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HHH GameTime Preview: Final road game for the HEAT, face tough test vs Wizards

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The Heat look to make a final run at the Eastern Conference first seed against the Wizards in Washington.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This could be the last chance.

After dominating the Indiana Pacers to steal the Eastern Conference first seed, Miami once again dropped into the second seed after losing their subsequent game in Atlanta against the Hawks. With the Indiana Pacers beating the Oklahoma City Thunder, this game could be Miami's last chance to make a run for the first seed after losing three of their last four game.

Miami needs to win tonight, and again on Thursday and Indiana needs to lose to Orlando in order for Miami to claim the top seed. While seedings are important, I think Miami needs to enter a good frame of mind heading into the playoffs and that needs to happen within the next two games.

Miami had 20 turnovers against Atlanta, and even with Wade back and playing fantastically, their chemistry appeared off. Tonight's contest would give Miami a chance with a complete roster to return to form just in time for playoff action.

Nevertheless, it won't be simple. These are not the Wizards of last year. Led by John Wall, Washington has had an extremely solid season with an above-.500 record and are capable of beating anybody. It's important to note that if they drop to the seventh spot and Miami retains the second seed, this could be a first-round playoff preview, though the Charlotte Bobcats, currently at #7, hold the tiebreaker should those teams finish with the same record. Also Nene looks to be back tonight and ready to stir up some trouble in the paint.

The fact of the matter is, wherever Miami finishes (first or second) it won't necessarily be an enormous deal until they find themselves down the line. With only two games left, the most important thing for the Heat is to find a clear functional rotation as well as regain the chemistry that made them so feared last postseason.

Let's finish out the year strong.

The Heat face off vs the Wizards at 7:00pm at the Verizon Center, Washington D.C.