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Heat close out regular season against Philly

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Erik Spoelstra's main priority tonight will be to make sure his team goes into the playoffs with a healthy roster.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have one more game to finish before the real season begins. Miami will host the lowly Philadelphia 76ers at 8 p.m. for its 82nd regular season game.

Erik Spoelstra's main priority tonight will be to ensure that his team enters the playoffs healthily. To that end, we should expect LeBron James and Chris Bosh to sit out their second straight games. If Dwyane Wade plays, he will also likely stay on a minutes restriction. It would also be wise for Erik Spoelstra to hold out any players who have lingering health issues, like Chris Andersen and Greg Oden. Wednesday's game will simply stand as a chance for Miami's other players -- Michael Beasley, Justin Hamilton, Rashard Lewis, etc. -- to see the ball in their hands a bit more often and entertain the fans.

This game will only serve as a slight upgrade over an exhibition solely because it counts towards the Heat's regular season record. After a surprising start to the season that included a win over the Heat Oct. 30, the Sixers have fallen to the cellar and are now locked in as the second-worst team in the NBA. The Sixers thus have no incentive to throw the game. Hopefully this game won't simply turn into a lopsided affair -- as Miami's loss to the Wizards was -- and become a chance to see some players play loose.