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Heat Ticket Contest inspires selfless sharing within Heat Nation

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Inspired by the great wife of a great player, one Miami Heat fan decides to pay it forward and leads us to consider fandom at a "higher level."

Ronald Martinez

Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne started their own ticket giveaway contest this week on Instagram and Twitter. The prize was courtside seats during Fan Appreciation Night and a chance to meet Chris Bosh after the game. The Boshs' were absolutely inundated with contestants trying to win tickets for every good cause, good kid, and good picture. The decision was difficult but on Tuesday, Mrs Bosh finally announced her Instagram winner, @Eli_In_Pink!

That afternoon, something special happened in Heat Nation. Fan appreciation went lateral. You see, somewhere buried in the congratulatory comments, a mother reached out in a last ditch effort to get a win for her son. She explained that her son has type 1 diabetes, gets checked 10 times a day and gets insulin shots 5 times a day. He'd been very excited to meet Ray Allen at the Diabetes Walk for Walker last weekend but mother and son were in the back of the pack and never got to say hello. In her final plea to win tickets she said, "As much as I love the Heat, I'm asking for my son. His happiness is priceless."

Well, Adrienne Bosh's followers are an inspired group. Within minutes, Darisha Hicks, mother of 5, 3 with sickle cell, sympathized with this mother and wanted to help. Hicks spoke to her husband and humbly offered up her own tickets... to the playoffs!!

"I have 2 400 level first round game tickets if you would like to take your son. I know it's kind of high LOL, but if you really want to take him you can have the tickets free."

Hicks and her husband only go to one or two games per season but she felt it in her heart to pick this mother and her son and to give without expecting anything in return. Adrienne Bosh inspires her "to be a better person and to pay it forward," she explained.

In the end, Bosh contacted that mother directly and announced that she too would be a winner, but that doesn't erase the loving gesture shared between two Heat fans. This quiet exchange in a virtual back alley of a comment thread is evidence of the brotherhood that has developed within Heat Nation. Darisha Hicks was more than happy to give a special Heat experience to a fellow Heat fan and Hicks is not a season ticket holder.

Now, as we march confidently into the playoffs, the only thing that can make the journey sweeter is to open up and share this ride with our Heat Nation brothers and sisters. Share what you can - an extra ticket, an extra t-shirt, a decal from a fan bag, a high-five or that secret Heat Nation handshake (no that's not a thing but it should be.) Point being, ignore the haters. Follow the example of the Boshes, Darisha Hicks and the Miami Heat themselves and give freely. When we do, we find that something on the inside makes our day even brighter. From there, in that happy space, we rise above the drama and the haters (and Bill Simmons) to that higher level of fandom - a level where we truly cannot lose.

Let's revel in our awesomeness, together.