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Exclusive Video: Wade works out with legendary trainer Tim Grover

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Hot Hot Hoops gets an exclusive look into Dwyane Wade's rigorous training program with Tim Grover.

The Miami Heat tipoff the 2014 NBA Playoffs against the Charlotte Bobcats in less than an hour and much has been made of the team's maintenance plan for Dwyane Wade all season.

Did it hurt the Heat to have Wade out of the lineup so often? Is too much pressure being put on LeBron James? All types of speculation has been made from local to national media and you better believe Wade and his teammates have heard it all.

However, what many have not seen is Wade's teaming up with legendary trainer Tim Grover to prepare for the Heat's quest for a Three-peat and solidifying this team's place in NBA history.

Courtesy of Bob Metelus, Hot Hot Hoops was granted an exclusive look into Wade's rigorous training program as he looks to add a fourth NBA Championship to his resume.

After reading a quote from Muhammad Ali, "hating every minute of training," Wade said, "if you never wanted to quit, you never really WORK HARD!"

It's safe to say that the Heat's co-captain is ready for the post season.