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Wade steals game in final minutes as Heat take game 2 vs Bobcats

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In a back-and-forth game, Charlotte managed to make it close in the fourth quarter, but to no avail as Miami takes a two game lead in the series.

Mike Ehrmann

Things are looking fine in Miami, as the Heat managed to hold back a surging Bobcats squad in the fourth quarter to gut out the 101-97 victory.

Despite leading by a ten-point cushion throughout the game, Charlotte was able to mount one more comeback in the latter half of the game pushing within three points. Nevertheless, it was Miami's veteran nature that won out as Dwyane Wade's calm and collected nature resulted in flawless defensive anticipation as he stole Charlotte's final chance and put the game away with a free throw.

Miami seems to have finally found the chemistry they lacked in the later part of this season. Their ball movement on offence is extremely effective and is resulting in a surplus of threes that just weren't part of the Heat's game less than a month ago.

Also, Miami's defense is looking stellar as well as the "swarm" shell defense that the Heat are known for is throwing opponents off  greatly. Chris Bosh is shooting consistently from beyond the arc, (going 4-5 from beyond the arc tonight) as well as putting up 20 points and 5 rebounds. Of course LeBron was amazing tonight as well, scoring 32 points along with 4 steals and 8 assists. Wade also continues to look spry as he mounted a respectable stat line of 15 points and 2 steals.

It's important to note, upon analysis of this particular game, that Miami's role players have found their rhythm once again. Coach Erik Spoelstra's new rotation (utilizing James Jones, and Rashard Lewis for heavy minutes)  has breathed new life into Miami's play and returned them to championship form. If this trend continues, Miami should remain an incredible postseason threat as they progress through the playoffs.

The Heat are now the only home team to have won both games and retain their home court advantage. Game 3 is scheduled for Saturday, 7:00 PM on ESPN.