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Trends, tidbits, and talking points: HEAT vs. Bobcats

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A look at some noteworthy numbers in the HEAT-Bobcats series.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: Super small sample size!

  • The Charlotte Bobcats are making 8.5 threes per game on 40.5% shooting during the series. In the regular season, they ranked 25th in the league in makes and 23rd in the league in percentage.
  • Miami has matched that with 10 makes from downtown per game at 43.5% shooting.
  • Miami's starting lineup has been, frankly,  an abomination. They sport an offensive rating of 68.7 and a defensive rating of 113.4 (Net -44.7).
  • But when Miami goes LeBron and 4 subs (Norris Cole, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and Chris Andersen) they have an offensive rating of 143.8 and a defensive rating of 85.4 (net 58.4). Again, we're talking just two games, but Miami has twice relinquished a huge lead in the 3rd quarter with the starters floundering. Miami shouldn't knee-jerk and make any changes to the rotation, but the unit needs to come out with more energy and Udonis Haslem needs to be a factor on the offensive end like he was in late March and most of April.
  • Miami has scored 42 points off 30 Bobcats turnovers in the series, notable because the Bobcats were the best in the NBA at protecting the ball in the regular season, averaging only 12.3 turnovers per game.
  • Miami, by comparison, has given up 21 points off 26 turnovers. Perhaps this is evidence that the transition defense has improved. Miami doubling up the Bobcats on points off turnovers (despite the turnovers committed being pretty close between both teams) has been the differences in the series early.
  • Miami has shot 70.83% at the rim through two games. This can be attributed to Miami's transition game as well as the hobbling Al Jefferson not being able to impede at the rim (not that it was a strength of his to begin with). Rim protector Bismack Biyombo is not in the Bobcats rotation at the moment (he did not play at all in game 2) and it would be interesting if Steve Clifford goes to him and stops playing Cody Zeller, who has a defensive rating of 125.8 in this series.
  • Chris Bosh is tied with Kevin Durant for the lead among all playoff participants in catch-and-shoot points per game at 12. Josh McRoberts is shooting 62.5% on catch-and-shoot 3 and generating 7.5 points on catch-and-shoots.
  • Dwyane Wade has been attacking the rim during this series, averaging 6 drives per game and making 66.7% on those drives.
  • Chris Bosh has been rebounding poorly this series. While many look at his season averages and note the sub 7 per game he pulls down on a regular basis, he has been in the top 3rd to middle of the pack in the NBA in actually securing a good percentage of his rebounding chances. Against the Bobcats however, he's only getting 45% of his rebounding chances. Udonis Haslem has been quite good in this regard at 77.8%. However, many seem to point out Bosh doesn't rebound well with Udonis on the court.
  • Bosh and Chris Andersen are allowing 50 and 45 percent shooting at the rim, respectively vs. the Bobcats.
  • Want a shocking stat? Rashard Lewis has the fastest average speed among Heat players this postseason at 4.6 miles per hour.
All stats obtained from and SportVU player tracking