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Huge Pharrell hat spotted on top of LeBron James after Heat loss to Timberwolves

Quite the move to deflect attention from the Heat's latest loss. Well played, King.

This is the hat, right there on top of LeBron's head.
This is the hat, right there on top of LeBron's head.
Photo via @WallaceNBA_ESPN

You know that crazy, back-and-forth nail biter we all just witnessed over the course of three+ hours on Friday only to see the Miami Heat ultimately lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves in double overtime?

None of that matters now because LeBron James wore the same oversized XXL hat that Pharrell Williams has been wearing as of late, and he did it right after the loss when he held his media interview in the Heat locker room!

As for why the hat?

So yeah, never mind the countless opportunities the Heat had to grab another important win to get the #1 seed ahead of their next clash versus the Pacers next week. Forgot those Mario Chalmers missed free throws or the late turnovers. Or...okay, let's just concentrate on the hat.

I'm happy with that.