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Video: Is this a goaltending violation or a block by Mason Plumlee on Chris Bosh?

Again, you be the judge.

It looked like the most obvious goaltending violation as it happened live but for some reason none of the three referees working the Brooklyn Nets @ Miami Heat game on Tuesday night saw it that way.

So here's the replay of Nets rookie Mason Plumlee "blocking" Chris Bosh's driving shot during crunch time that could have been the difference between this frustrating series sweep or an important win to hold off the Indiana Pacers in the standings.

Hard to believe the ball was still traveling upwards at that point, unless it's sailing over the backboard and not on its way to going towards the rim.

The NBA admitted they had blown a goaltending violation by Jermaine O'Neal in a Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks game last week, let's see if they have anything to say about this.

(Hat tip to Rizz for finding this video)


Block or goaltending violation?

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