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Samsung releases exclusive LeBron James app

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New mobile app features all-access content for all things LeBron.

Android Guys

LeBron James isn't much for social media these days, as is customary during the postseason. Thankfully for Android users, they can now enjoy behind the scenes footage, stats and more exclusive content with Samsung's newest app called what else but "LeBron".

From the description on the official download page:

LeBron shares his life on his phone, but he's putting it down to focus on the playoffs. Don't want to miss out? Don't worry, we got you.

Get an all-access pass to LeBron's game, life, and journey with never-before-seen content and clips throughout the playoffs. Download custom lock screens and wallpapers, check stats, and watch LeBron strive for greatness as the competition heats up.

Re-live LeBron's biggest plays and go behind-the-scenes with LeBron the Athlete.
Track LeBron's stats, game schedules, and results during The NBA Playoffs.

See LeBron's game day kicks, look, meals, and music with an inside look at his Style.

Get inspired by the LeBron James Family Foundation and the family moments that have influenced his Journey.

"We are creating content and services that enhance the consumers' experience with our products," said Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer at Samsung Telecommunications America, from the official press release announcing the new app. "The LeBron app is the first of its kind that allows him to connect with his fans in a unique way, and gives our Galaxy owners an exclusive, insider's view into his world."

The LeBron app is available immediately on the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note II through the Google Play store.

"Our partnership with Samsung continues to be totally innovative and exciting." said Maverick Carter, LeBron James' business manager and partner. "We collaborate on every project, concept, and campaign to come up with ideas that are totally authentic to LeBron and connect directly with his community. The NBA Playoffs are already so compelling and I think fans are going to love an opportunity to go even deeper."