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Quick Recap: Heat close out Nets in Game 5 with clutch defense

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The Miami Heat beat the Brooklyn Nets in Game 96-94, closing the game on a 13-3 run.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was Ray Allen who pushed the Heat ahead in the closing moments over the Nets. After trailing late, the Heat closed the game on a 13-3 run, including the go ahead 3-pointer by Ray Allen in the corner to put the Heat ahead 93-91. The Heat struggled in the first half shooting from deep, but made 8 threes in the second half and five in the fourth quarter.

LeBron James closed the game with a clutch steal of Joe Johnson after Johnson had been so successful from the perimeter. Johnson had 34 points, but came up short when it mattered most. James had 29 points and did most of his work from the foul line going 15-17. Dwyane Wade had 28 points, a great outing for him.

The Heat had to outscore the Nets 30-19 in the fourth quarter to complete the comeback. It was looking doubtful for a while, but a three from LeBron and a basket from Wade cut the deficit, and then finally the shot from Allen put the Heat ahead, and it was defense from there that kept them ahead. And for the second game in a row, it was Mario Chalmers that assisted on the game saving three-pointer.

"We said the number one key in this series would be great mental stability." -- Erik Spoelstra

And that's exactly what it took to grind out this win. The Heat only shot 43% from the field, but took 31 free throws to help score. And all in all, a win is a win.

Miami is now the first team in the Conference Finals, and wait for the winner of the Pacers and Wizards. Check back soon for a full and more complete recap.