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Pacers throttle Heat to take Game One (107-96)

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Despite only playing nine games this postseason and appearing dominant, Miami appeared unready and rusty as the Pacers hit them with barrages of three-pointers and dominated in the paint ultimately resulting in a loss.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This is not what Heat fans expected. Miami had been dominant throughout the entire postseason, and most expected the Heat to continue that trend this afternoon.

It didn't happen.

From the tip Indiana was the better team, attacking the basket with aggression and dominating inside the paint. Miami had no answer to Indiana's three point attempts either and thus found themselves in an uphill battle for the entirety of the game. Despite at times looking as if they were going to pull back, Miami was shut down constantly.

The Good

  • Dwyane Wade appears extremely healthy, as he went for 27 points and resembled his past explosive self at times.
  • LeBron James was also a huge factor for the Heat putting up 25 points.
  • Birdman full embraced the Center role, battling Roy Hibbert to the best of his ability putting up 14 points and 2 blocks.
  • Despite being unable to defend Ray Allen also chipped in with 12 points and was our only factor from downtown.
  • Miami's transition game is still very good, even if botched passes through us off at times.

The Bad

  • Turnovers. The Heat had eleven turnovers, many that resulted in Indiana baskets and cost us down the line.
  • Fouls. Miami had way too many fouls (some which I believe came from home court advantage) however can be justified if analyzed with a microscope. To put it simply, if your opponent is in bonus with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter you're doing something wrong.
  • Chris Bosh couldn't buy a three pointer despite shooting 49% from three all season. He was 0-5 and totally threw off Miami's rhythm which is why he saw a lot of bench.
  • Coach Spoelstra's rotation. Starting Shane over Udonis was not the right move, and having Oden inactive was also a poor decision. Oden was brought in to stop Hibbert, game one would have been the perfect time to see if that is an actual possibility.
  • Rebounding. Miami was out-rebounded 38 to 29 demonstrating once again that a bigger presence is necessary against Indiana.

The Ugly

  • Mario Chalmers' flagrant foul on CJ Watson. 'Rio you can't do that ever, that's uncool.
  • Fouls. At one point in the game Roy Hibbert had taken more free throws than the entire Heat squadron. I'm all for calling fouls, but if a player is barely grazed by an opponent they don't deserve free throws.
This was a disappointing game, but Miami needs this loss to build upon. They haven't been used to losing and thus this will act as a wake up call, the Heat will make adjustments and be ready for Game 2.

Miami needs to be challenged, and I'm happy it's happening. Things have been too easy for them as of late and Indiana is not to be overlooked.

If Miami wants to three-peat it begins here. Bring on the rest of the series.