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A tale of two paths, a recap of the Heat vs Nets and Raptors this season

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The Nets swept the Heat, and the Heat swept the Raptors. One of these two teams will open up Round 2 in Miami in a few days, so here's a recap of what the match-up was like this season.

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The Heat will open up the Conference Semifinals against either the Toronto Raptors or Brooklyn Nets. Before we know the final match-up, here's a look at what the season held for both of these match-ups. Click on the score of each game to see our GameStream for it. In a GameStream you can see our preview, check out the GameThread, and read our recaps.

Heat vs Nets Season Recap

Nov. 1 - Heat 100, Nets 101

A balanced scoring attack helped the Nets in their home opener defeat the Heat. A furious comeback at the end wasn't good enough for the Heat despite outscoring the Nets by 10 in the fourth quarter. Brook Lopez played in this game as well as Jason Terry.

Jan. 10 - Heat 95, Nets 104, 2OT

The Heat overcame a fourth quarter deficit to send the game into overtime, and in overtime both teams only scored 4 points. LeBron, 36 points, fouled out before the first overtime ended, but Norris Cole helped send it into double overtime. The Heat were without Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers and couldn't hold on in double OT. Joe Johnson had 32 for Brooklyn.

Mar. 12 - Nets, 96, Heat 95

Paul Pierce scored 17 of his 29 points in the third quarter to help push Brooklyn ahead. Teletovic had 17 points and the Nets made 12 three-pointers. Kevin Garnett didn't play, and the Heat knew they let one slip away late.

Apr. 8 - Nets 88, Heat 87

The Mason Plumlee "block" game is how you remember it, or maybe the Mason Plumlee foul game. LeBron had a chance to win the game but was met at the rim and sent away as time ran out. The Heat started off the game slow and it cost them in the end. The heat were without Wade and Udonis Haslem for this game, and Garnett also missed the game. The Nets became the first team to sweep Miami 4-0 in the regular season since LeBron James joined the Heat.

Heat vs Raptors Season Recap

Nov. 5 - Heat 104, Raptors 95

LeBron scored 35 points and Ray Allen had 14 off the bench for the Heat in this win. Rudy Gay suited up for the only game against the Heat.

Nov. 29 - Heat 90, Raptors 83

A poorly played fourth quarter saw both teams combine for 25 points, but saw the Heat come away with the win. 27 from James and 22 from Dwyane Wade led the way for the Heat who did most of their damage in the first half. This was the ninth straight win for the Heat.

Jan. 5 - Raptors 97, Heat 102

LeBron scored 30 as the Heat outscored the Raptors by 10 in the fourth to overcome a deficit. DeMar DeRozan had 26 points for the Raptors who let go of a lead. Michael Beasley had 17 points.

Mar. 31 - Raptors 83, Heat 93

LeBron scored 31 to lead Miami to a sweep of the Raptors in the season. The Raptors only scored 32 points in the second half. Without Wade and Ray Allen, the Heat moved into possession of first in the East, at least at this point. This made it 15 straight wins against the Raptors.

That's it. It's clearly two different paths, as the Nets have had success, although not dominant. Three of the four games against the Nets were 1 point losses, while the other was a double OT game. And agains the Raptors, Miami hasn't lost in a long time.

It's clear where the advantage is, but that doesn't mean it's the desired path for the fans. Who would you like to see the Heat play?