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Talking HEAT vs. Pacers on The Phil Naessens Show

Hot Hot Hoops' was once again on the latest edition of the Phil Naessens Show to talk about what went wrong for Miami in Game 1 and what we can expect to see in Game 2

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat lost to the Indiana Pacers in Game 1, executing poorly on offense and defense. What went wrong and what can Heat fans look forward to in Game 2?

Among the topics discussed were:

  • The starting lineup - Battier vs. Haslem
  • LeBron's defensive struggles
  • Roy Hibbert's continued effectiveness
  • Who will step up from Miami's bench?

Listen in as Phil talks about these topics and the NBA playoffs with his other guests as well! And if you've got a question or topic you want brought up next time, be sure to leave a comment below.

Direct link to the show here.