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Shane Battier wins Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award

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The Miami Heat forward was announced Saturday as the winner of the league's Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year award, which recognizes selfless play, leadership, work as a role model to other players and commitment.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here in Miami, we already knew Shane Battier was a great teammate, but apparently, the rest of the league can recognize it as well.

Shane Battier called it one of the biggest honors of his life. Battier was named he Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year. Battier received 67 first-place votes and appeared on 209 ballots cast by NBA players in all, and by far the winner.

Shane has sacrificed playing time, his role, and his voice in the best interest of the team. He is a veteran player, who stays ready when he is called upon. Not only that, his contribution to game-planning cannot be overstated. He ruthlessly works to make sure not only himself, but his teammates are prepared for the games mentally.

Although the guys in the locker room couldn't cast any votes for me, I'd like to think they would've voted for me if they could, I hope they know that I love them and I appreciate them and everything I do I try to make that locker room better and this team better. -Shane Battier

Battier also organized South Beach Battioke that raises money for his charity, but it also brought together his entire team and organization in Karaoke. The NBA will make a $25,000 donation to The Battier Take Charge Foundation, which raises money to help provide children with educational and leadership opportunities.

"I think everybody would agree that you could make a case for a lot of guys in the locker room, but Shane, he's the ultimate teammate. Selfless. He'll do whatever it takes. He's a leader. He's playing for his brothers, his teammates, and you can feel it. So it's a great award." - Erik Spoelstra

Battier is in what he calls likely his last season. He has started, been benched and DNP-CD on the board as well, but he has never waived in his commitment to the team, and that's why he is being honored this season.

Shane Battier is in his third season with the Miami Heat.