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Heat dominate Pacers, take Game 4 to move one win away from Finals

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The Miami Heat came out flying led by Chris Bosh, and never let up. Although at times it appeared that Indiana was still in the game, Miami continued to dominate and eventually pulled away winning in spectacular fashion.

Mike Ehrmann

Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a statement game.

Fueled by the heated comments of Lance Stephenson, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James put all doubts aside as he put on an electrifying performance. Dwyane Wade was also stellar playing a complete game, although at times struggling to score.

Nevertheless, the story of this one was the return of Chris Bosh who dominated Indiana with a beautiful shooting stroke. Despite Indiana's best efforts, their early foul trouble and multitude of turnovers kept them away from this game and exposed many weaknesses, allowing Miami to pull away and never look back in the fourth quarter.

The Good

  • The Miami Heat are one win away from their fourth consecutive trip to the NBA finals.
  • Chris Bosh. Wow. Was he ever good. Bosh put up an incredible stat-line of 25 points, and 6 rebounds his best of the 2014 post-season. Bosh's first quarter shooting exhibition could very well be the reason Miami was able to dominate Indiana with such consistency.
  • LeBron James. King James was fantastic as usual, putting up a fantasy stat line that would make many gasp. Bron had 32 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. He also presented a beautiful array of slam dunks that most likely rocked South Beach a little bit.
  • Dwyane Wade. Wade wasn't able to maintain his streak of at least 20 points, but his 15 points, 2 steals and 2 assists definitely aided in securing the victory.
  • Rebounding. Miami didn't struggle with rebounding this time around and effectively had 34 total rebounds.
  • Adrienne Bosh fully acknowledged that Chris Bosh is indeed a space prince, while I was live tweeting from the @Hothothoops Twitter.

The Bad

  • Rashard Lewis' shooting. I love Rashard and I think he did a great job guarding David West, but his shooting from behind the arc was atrocious. He finished with zero points on many open looks.
  • Birdman. I hate to see a key player go out with an injury. Thankfully his absence didn't hinder Miami too much tonight, and he should be back for next game.
  • Rio. Mario has been noticeably absent throughout this series, while Norris Cole has stepped up.

The Ugly

  • Not the Miami Heat.
  • Roy Hibbert. Hibbert was abysmal for the second time this post-season as put up 0 points and five rebounds.
  • Lance Stephenson.  Stephenson, who thrives on frustrating his opponents mentally, seemed to psych himself out. He was in foul trouble early and couldn't seem to get it going at key moments. He put up nine points.
  • Indiana's turnovers. The Pacers had 14 turnovers. Miami had 5.