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Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert fined for flopping

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Both players get handed a combined $15,000 fine for their flopping actions in Game 5.

Andy Lyons

Despite holding onto their weak Finals hopes, last night's Game 5 victory came at cost for the Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson, this time a financial one. If being fined $5000 for his flopping on LeBron James in Game 2 didn't teach him anything, perhaps the $10,000 the NBA today issued for last night's breach will begin to resonate.

Pacers center Roy Hibbert, was also fined $5000 for for his first flopping violation during last night's game halfway in the fourth quarter.

Considering it was only last week Stephenson became the first player fined for violating the league's anti-flop program in the 2014 playoffs, he's made it clear learning from past indiscretions is not in his forte. Never one to lay low, after all Stephenson's trash talking and last night's "blowing" incident, there's no doubt he will be facing a red hot Miami crowd who won't expect anything less than the Heat securing their fourth NBA Finals appearance once and for all.

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