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Heat Links and the return of the Hot Hot Hoops mailbag

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We're going to answer your questions following tonight's game and give you stuff to read in the meantime.

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Mike Ehrmann

As the Heat look to close out the Eastern Conference Finals at home tonight against the Pacers and reach their fourth consecutive finals, we at Hot Hot Hoops have decided to bring back the mailbag.

Basically how it will work this time around is members of SB Nation and our HHH community will leave questions in the comments (In this thread), and after the game tonight we will review all comments and proceed to answer as many as we possibly can. Also if for some reason you're not part of our fine community, you can tweet us @hothothoops on Twitter and use the hashtag #mailbag so that we can distinguish it as a mailbag question.

This should be a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to your questions.

Heat Links: