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Where in the world is Michael Beasley?

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Beasley did not see any extended playing time in the first round of the 2014 Playoffs, might he be able to help the Heat as they take on the Nets?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The one time 2nd overall draft pick had found himself out of Miami before too much time had passed thanks to some behavioral issues.  A journeyman of sorts, Michael Beasley has found himself back in Miami for what some might call a redemption season.  Beasley played sparingly during the regular season, never seeming to crack to regular rotation.  The Heat will faceoff with the Nets in the second round, after Brooklyn defeated Toronto 104-103 on Sunday.  The Heat might need the production of Beasley more than ever in this series, and there might be many ways he can help.

1. Instant offense

The Nets have many players that can create their own shot, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, even Kevin Garnett and Marcus Thorton can do damage.  When the Heat play certain lineups the ball tends to stick to either LeBron or Dwyane.  With Beasley on the floor there is one more man who can take his defender off the dribble and spin-move to the hoop, Beasley's patented play. Beasley also has great range and shooting touch, one of the features that made him a premier choice in the 2008 NBA draft.

2. Defensive help

Yes, I know Beasley has never been considered a great defender, heck even a good one, but with his 6'10" frame and his long arms, he can pose a problem for Paul Pierce, who has recently been converted into a 4 with shooting touch.  Beasley is still young, so there's no reason why he should be able to move his feet and be active on defense, including getting a hand in the face of shooters, reminiscent of his teammate Shane Battier.

3. Energy

You've seen him on the bench after a monster slam by LeBron, always waving a towel and contorting his face every which way in order to convey his myriad of emotions.  Beasley is an excitable guy with the ability to bring energy to a lineup and start a run.  Its not only the energy that he would provide to the lineup that would make it so great, but he's got most of the South Florida fans behind him wishing for him to succeed.  When his name is announced and he starts hitting his midrange jumper the crowd at AAA goes wild as "Seven Nation Army" blares from the speaker system.

We all know Coach Erik Spoelstra has been set in his ways and is historically very pattern driven, sticking with the same rotations even if the results aren't positive,  but lets not act like we haven't seen him pull a rabbit out of his hat before.  Who knows, maybe Michael Beasley can be the Heat's ace in the hole during this series and become the shot making, long and athletic player we all wished he would be when he signed on the dotted line six years ago