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NBA Finals Analysis and Game 3 Preview on The Phil Naessens Show

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Hot Hot Hoops was once again on the latest edition of the Phil Naessens Show to discuss "CrampGate", Games 1 & 2 of the NBA Finals and to preview Tuesday's rematch at home versus the San Antonio Spurs

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In case you're new to this regular segment on HHH, Phil has been hosting various writers to discuss the NBA on his radio show. He writes regularly for Pounding The Rock BUT he is most definitely not a Spurs fan (to be honest, he isn't a Miami fan either but at least he's consistent).

His views are decidedly unpopular over at PtR - listen to his thoughts on Danny Green's lack of talent, Manu Ginobili, Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan's flopping and his prediction that Miami will win their third consecutive title this year.

Along with HHH writer David Ramil, you can hear views from Michael Erler of PtR and Dave Deckard of

In case the player below doesn't work you can listen to the entire program from Phil's site located here..

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on Max Sports Channels, Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network, Kozmik Radio, First Online Radio, Epix Radio, Abscape Radio and Baseball Talk Radio.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and let us know if there are any topics you would like discussed on future shows. Enjoy the show.