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White Hot Home Cookin' - Talking NBA Finals with Pounding the Rock

Before Game 3 tips off tonight, join us for a little conversation with the good folks over at the Spurs' SB Nation site, Pounding the Rock.

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The conversation got started by J.R. Wilco, Editor of PtR. Here's the thread as it continues until game time at 9 P.M. Join in or leave a comment below:

J.R. - In the first two games of this year's Finals, a couple of milestones were achieved. Tim Duncan joined Magic Johnson at the top of the playoff double-double list, with 157, and LeBron James added his name to a list alongside Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the only ones to tally 4,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists in the postseason.

And around the world, Spurs fans are rejoicing at the news that Derek Fisher is no longer playing basketball in the NBA, but we have more pressing matters in front of us. Namely, a tied series going back to Miami for a Game 3 that the eventual champions have won 30 of the last 36 times. Of course, last year was one of the notable exceptions to that somewhat overwhelming trend as the Spurs and Heat alternated wins through the first six games of the 2013 Finals, with San Antonio taking the odds.

Which brings us to tonight's game and the split of the games in Texas that you called in our first conversation. Do you think these teams are as closely matched as many are saying? Is the James-on-Parker defensive adjustment going to loom large in tonight's end game? And how many more games this series will Rashard Lewis match Dwayne Wade's point total?

Below is the rest of the conversation that updates as it happens. Keep checking back as David and I reply to each other, hopefully, right up to game time.