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Looking back at Game 3 on The Phil Naessens Show

It wasn't easy but following the ugly Game 3 loss, HHH was on the Phil's show to talk about what went wrong, what we can look forward to in Game 4, and why "Dancing Danny Green" is still a scrub

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure most of you can relate...after a bad loss on Tuesday, the last thing you want to do is talk about the details of what went wrong. Well, I did it anyway. That's the kind of commitment you get from Hot Hot Hoops. Phil and I discuss Tuesday's blowout, and looked forward to Game 4. Among the topics we discussed were:

  • Looking at the struggles of Chalmers/Cole
  • How the Spurs shots historically-well
  • Increased production from the Big 3
  • What kind of adjustments the Miami Heat need to make

Also on the show are guests J.R. Wilco (of Pounding The Rock) and Tom Lewis (of Indy Cornrows) with their take on the Finals.

Enjoy the show (direct link here) and Game 4.